$ADRIA - Currency of the universe

Crypto Mayhem uses blockchain technologies to create a financial model that give opportunities to resource management, trade and interaction with the game world.

Utility of ADRIA

*Please note that During the development of the platform and the game, it is possible to increase the utility of the token ADRIA.*

1. The main currency in the upcoming Crypto Mayhem game (Grand Strategy)

ADRIA tokens are used as the main currency within the game. The player pays by them for the following services:

- purchase of auction lands, which are NFT tokens. Those tokens can be used to generate more goods. - creating your own faction within the game, because we know some of you may want to join forces! - transportation of the assets with a “lander” to another place on the planet. - most of the advanced structure improvements or buildings give you repeatable, daily bonuses for burning your ADRIA pool. *and possible other future functions that are currently undefined.

Province: - exchange the raw materials for the token.

- exchange the token for raw materials.

Grand Strategy

2. The main means of improvement and development (Top-Down Shooter)

Every colonist will need ADRIA to craft his mechs.

Once the Mech NFT is ready for use, the player has a few options:

  • Can rent a Mech for a small fee (or receive part of the rewards for won missions)

  • Start the fight yourself with opponents.

  • Sell on our NFT marketplace

  • Give an original look

For each successful mission, you will be assigned cocoons (chests) that can be opened on our platform. In the cocoons you will find:

  • ADRIA token

  • Mech Module (needed to create an NFT Mech)

  • NFT

* Please note that more usability may appear in the production process.

Top-Down Shooter

3. Transfer fee and burning

ADRIA will have a transfer fee. Each ADRIA transmission is a payment of a fee (We believe that such a fee may 2%)

For the most part, this charge will burn (around 1%). The remainder of the fee will then be allocated to the remaining pools (PlayToEarn, Staking, DAO, Profit) to be used when the current pools are depleted.

Business model

4. Governance (DAO)

ADRIA holders with access to the token platform will also be able to take part in the development processes of the project, such as:

- Decision to make a game (during game development),

- Decision in-game (balance in-game). Adria Corp. treats all of the colonists fairly according to their influence, therefore the in-game features will be balanced with the help of the token holders in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

- Possibility to propose your own changes in the game, which will be verified by Adria Corp. Token holders will be able to suggest anything they come up with, being sure that every idea will be carefully analyzed.

- Decision on what Adria Corp. should do with collected pool ADRIA in-game (the pool collected from fee transaction). Because we all want to be sure how our fee transactions are used, right?

Please note, that aiming to deliver the best possible experience, Adria Corp during very important votes affecting the entire game will set the minimum percentage of ADRIA tokens that must be voted for one of the possible decisions. Changes, e.g. the game mechanics, are considered very important decisions. These types of decisions, affecting the whole Crypto Mayhem, can be voted out with the majority of the ADRIA tokens. Thank you for your understanding, colonists!

DAO - Decentralized Organization

5. The upcoming gaming ecosystem based on ADRIA

The game ecosystem built on micropayments and usability in the ADRIA token. Each new game that will be created in our ecosystem will use ADRIA. As a result, ADRIA will be pulled from the market to be used in our games. Any kind of utility (burn, lock, stake e.t.c) will have a positive effect on the token.

Combining games with blockchain will bring us the strength that will allow us to maintain the value of ADRIA.

Crypto Mayhem

6. Missions and Daily Quests — Supply released from the PlayToEarn pool

In each game, players will be rewarded for their achievements with rewards. The PlayToEarn token pool will affect the supply of ADRIA, in order to prevent too much inflation, the allocation of tokens for prizes will depend on the number of tokens burned. The greater the overall value transfer, the greater the rewards will go to players.

We want to achieve a negative balance after all (burn more than players will receive from PlayToEarn pools).

All this is expected to have a positive effect on maintaining or increasing ADRIA.

7. Marketplace operating on ADRIA

It is hard to imagine an effective space colony ecosystem without a place to conduct efficient trade. The marketplace is a feature that allows players to purchase, sell and exchange NFT tokens with other players. All trades are made in ADRIA tokens as a currency.

The marketplace will be a great place to burn ADRIA. We have assumptions in burning the token for all auctions and the sale that will be made by this place.

First colonization packages will be also sold through the marketplace. Each package includes 12 NFT which consists of worker characters, items, and a chance to obtain an Avatar. Heroes are essential to start the game on the hexagonal map. (In the absence of a hero, the player will receive a default unit)

In the future, NFT lands will be also included in the marketplace offerings.

Digital assets - NFT

8. Province management system

In order to create an efficiently functioning economic organism, a management system for provinces is being introduced. The structures of this system, although originally working under the influence of Adria Corp, can be obtained by the players with the use of ADRIA tokens thus granting them control over the province.

Provinces consist of specially assigned locations — NFT lands, where players can stake their tokens while increasing their influence in a given sector. Lands controlled in the province give players the opportunity to acquire tokens from the area they manage.

A player who exchanges his resources within the province for ADRIA tokens or ADRIA tokens for raw materials pays a small fee. Fees are paid to the current province holder, be it Adria Corp or a player.

Gaining control over the province will be based on token stacking auctions. Token holders will compete with each other to see who makes the best offer and takes control over the province for a specified period of time.

The player with the most tokens in a given sector controls the flow of resources in that area. Dominance in the designated location may therefore turn out to be an effective strategy leading to the expansion of influence of a clever colonist.

9. Staking

$ADRIA staking is a mechanism to reward long-term investors in the Crypto Mayhem project.

There are 500,000,000 tokens (5% of the total supply) available for early staking, which will be released for 2 years, and will be distributed for another 2 years.

The early staking is for those who don't have time to play, but see potential in the future development of the ecosystem and want to be long-term token holders for future use in controlling provinces.

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