Weapons are a fundamental aspect of gameplay, allowing players to engage in combat across the game's various modes.

In the top-down shooter (TDS) format, players have access to eight different types of weapons, each featuring its own alternative fire mode. The types include:

  1. Basic: A standard weapon that fires a single shot with each click.

    • Charge Shot: An alternative fire that, upon holding the fire button, charges up and releases a powerful shot dealing triple damage.

  2. Penetrating: A weapon capable of shooting through waves of enemies and is the slowest of the basic weapons.

    • Laser Shot: A long-range laser that cuts through enemy waves, which players can steer slightly.

  3. Shotgun: A wide-spread, medium-range weapon.

    • Focus Shot: Has a reduced spread compared to the primary fire, concentrating the damage.

  4. Sawblade: A unique weapon that shoots saw blades, damaging enemies along their path and when stationary.

  5. Biomass Spitter: Fires a toxic sludge that continuously damages enemies as long as it remains on them.

    • Flame Burst: A burst of flame that ignites the sludge for double damage and also damages uncoated enemies.

  6. Bazooka: Launches rockets that explode upon impact, injuring nearby foes.

    • Triple Shot: Fires three rockets with a smaller blast radius but increased damage to a single enemy.

Each weapon's usefull in the Top-Down shooter would depend on the production in Grand Strategy.

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