Top-Down Shooter

Intro about Top-Down Shooter

The game "Crypto Mayhem Top-down shooter" is a game that combines economics based on blockchain technology, including cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens, with top-down shooter mechanics. In the course of the game, the player directs a combat mecha operator and performs missions on an alien planet, fighting insectoid creatures, and all the action is observed from above, from a top-down perspective

The game is available for free download:

Main goal and game modes

The gameplay is based on the long-term goal of fighting a scarred planet by isnkety. Developing and upgrading the Mecha NFT helps to fight faster, plus it is possible to trade within the player community and can increase its value. In the medium term, players pursue missions, which are important for achieving long-term goals, as it is during missions that the Mech is developed and task rewards are received. The short-term goal of the game is based on the extermination of enemies with different levels of difficulty in each mission, which affects the medium- and long-term goals.

The game offers three game modes:

  1. Story mode: where the player focuses on completing missions that form a coherent story, enhanced by visual interludes.

  1. Skirmish mode: which allows players to select and complete specific missions and tasks from other Crypto Mayhem games, such as Grand Strategy.

  1. Cooperative mode: which allows multiple players to work together while completing missions.

  2. PvP mode: battle against other players, compete for leaderboard scores, betting and leagues.

Through integration with blockchain technology, in-game interactions and transactions are reflected in the blockchain network, and NFT elements can cross between different projects within the vast Crypto Mayhem metaverse

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