Games is its multidisciplinary nature, which allows the involvement of both those who prefer the economic aspects of strategy games and those who are passionate about direct, active shooter-style gameplay.


Grand Strategy (GS) – game layer in which players make economic and strategic decisions in order to gain as much influence in Adria Corp. They can acquire digital goods and in-game currency. They can purchase lands (NFT), develop their infrastructure on a given land, make economic decisions i.e. buy services, resources, commodities, trade, exchange, acquire raw materials and develop their mechs (by purchasing and manufacturing new weapons) when available. Players also have the ability to manufacture their mechs, drones and weapons in this layer.

Top-Down Shooter (TDS) – unity engine based layer in which players will be able to utilize NFTs (mechs, drones, weapon) that are either available via purchase or manufacture and will be used to participate in TDS missions in which they will be able to acquire resources and blueprints needed to advance their progress. In those missions players will be able to play solo or co-op to battle against hordes of enemies reigning bloody mayhem. While battling there will be random events happening that will influence the mission outcome and provide a competitive yet fun and rewarding environment.

Resources – elements in-game which are needed to manufacture materials, they are obtained via completing missions, staking NFT and via production of certain structures. Once gathered each resource is retained up until the moment it is used in manufacture of goods. Each resource is collected in a separate warehouse/storage that is built on land (NFT). It may be transported solely by the player or via other means of transportation. Resources are chained to player’s NFT assets. Each player, just as each NFT has the maximum capacity that is able to carry/store a given amount of resources.

Food Supply - needed by the player to undertake necessary actions such as transportation of goods by the Workers (NFT). If a player doesn’t have enough food, he and his helpers won’t be able to work (such as gathering resources, manufacturing goods, examining soil and rock samples, excavating, discovering new terrain or transporting resources for trade). Having food means that the player may decide about the return of his workers (his and that of Workers), he may also purchase instant return via the transport module belonging to Adria Corp. by paying a specified amount of ADRIA for said service.

Biomass - is a key element of the Crypto Mayhem metaverse. It is a source of ammunition, fuel and energy for the player, and is also, in a sense, the main antagonist in the game. It is used on a large scale both during the game (as the mentioned ammunition or fuel) and outside of it (Biomasse is exchanged for $ADRIA token and then the main currency is used to purchase items or buy technology). It is generated by killing enemies and destroying nests (spawn points). A maimed or killed opponent, or a destroyed nest, causes a certain pool of Biomass to drop in the form of a biomass puddle, which the Player or his Ally can collect by interacting with it. In this way, the Biomass necessary for use during combat is replenished, while the surplus is collected for possible use outside the game.

Materials – they are manufactured from resources, one may manufacture components needed to be used when upgrading the infrastructure or improving the resource gathering processes.

Infrastructure - refers to all the buildings which are available via GS such as resource acquisition, manufacturing service/utility.

$ADRIA - the main currency of the metaverse, used throughout the game's ecosystem.

With it you can buy lands from the Adria Corp., purchase rations, raw materials or supplies, transport assets by lander to another planetary location, create your own faction, change your username, change your Avatar (other future, currently unspecified in-game features).

Heavily used in Grand Strategy and Top-Down Shooter games. Most upgrades require the consumption of ADRIA.

Allows you to stak provinces and take control of them for a set period of time, in order to extract taxes from transactions made between players within that trading space.

The governance token (DAO) represents the power in Adria Corp. so that the user holding it can decide the production process, game balance, and can make proposals for changes to the game. The DAO will decide what Adria Corp. should do with the pool of tokens collected.

This token is transferred to the Adria Corp. wallet pool when the player performs a service in the ecosystem. The pool is divided into groups for staking, play to earn, burn, DAO decision on what Adria Corp. should do with the collected token pool, profit and buyback.

Launcher for Games

Mayhem Launcher is a computer application that is used to run and manage computer games. It is a type of user interface that allows gamers to browse, download, install, run and manage games on their devices. Everyone can download the Launcher and the game in early access for free:

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