Mech is a combat unit for fighting enemies on alien planets. Characterized by their unique designs, which make them easily identifiable in terms of their type and category, such as Heavy, Medium, or Light. Each Mech's appearance signifies its intended role; for instance, a Mech with a substantial amount of armor would appear heavier than one that prioritizes greater mobility.

In the strategic layer of the game player developing their Mechs by buying and crafting new parts. There is also the possibility to produce their own Mechs, drones, and weaponry in this part of the game.

In the context of the shooter aspect of the game, Mechs could be used to engage in combat against large numbers of enemies, emphasizing the ease of eliminating large groups of adversaries and creating a sense of empowerment. The Mechs are likely to be used in challenging combat scenarios, including battles against special units and bosses, each featuring unique abilities and a design representative of their respective planets.

To summarize, Mechs can be used in Crypto Mayhem's Grand Strategy layer for economic and strategic gameplay by developing them for combat and other purposes. In the shooter aspect, they would be integral to combat, helping to give players a robust and entertaining experience as they face swarms of enemies and powerful bosses

Mech Utilities

1. Access to the Crypto Mayhem gaming ecosystem, including Grand Strategy and Top-Down Shooter (in version Early Access). 2. The original appearance of the Mecha 3D model. 3. DAO voting access for the Crypto Mayhem community. 4. One of NFT Type: SlaughtMaker, Juggernat, Vlad, Zapper

In the future: 1. By playing NFT games you can get rewards in $ADRIA. 2. NFT Rental — NFT Owner can rent his NFT to another user for a certain period of time, thanks to which he can earn $ADRIA. 3. Using Mecha NFT in subsequent games of the Crypto Mayhem ecosystem. 4. Develop the skills of your Mech NFT unit. 5. Original statistics for each Mech NFT.

As the Crypto Mayhem project develops, new NFT functionalities will emerge.

We put the look and attributes of future mech equipment in your hands. You can configure them in your workshop and create your own unique mech.

Introducing the look of every kind of Mech!

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