Digital assets - NFT

Digital asset is anything that exists only in digital form and comes with a distinct usage right or distinct permission for use. Data that do not possess those rights are not considered assets.

NFTs are digital assets that represent unique and unique items or works of art, such as paintings, videos, music, games, virtual collectibles, and even digital properties.

They offer various functionalities and benefits for users. NFTs can be used to gain access to the Crypto Mayhem gaming ecosystem, both Grand Strategy and Top-Down Shooter, in Early Access. NFT users have access to the original appearance of the models and access to DAO voting in the Crypto Mayhem community.

There are several types of NFTs: Avatar, Worker, Item, Land, Mech, Drone, Weapon.

In the future, users will be able to earn rewards in $ADRIA currency by playing NFT games. It will also be possible to rent your NFTs to other users in exchange for earning $ADRIA, and your NFTs will be able to be used in subsequent games from the Crypto Mayhem ecosystem. In addition, there are story add-ons NFTs that can be obtained by completing achievements, as well as NFTs in which a token is embedded. The project also includes tournaments in which the winner receives an NFT to play.

The ecosystem also offers system FreeToPlay with the possibility of renting and staking NFTs, tournaments based on decentralized smart contracts with crowd-funded prizes, and social elements such as rankings, guilds and messengers.

Marketplace NFT

Online platform that allows you to buy, sell and exchange NFT tokens.

On NFT marketplaces, users can browse various collections, browse and bid at auctions, and buy and sell NFT tokens. They operate on the blockchain, which ensures transparency, security and immutability of ownership and transaction records.

Colonization Packs

Each pack contains: several random Workers, several items matching the Workers profession and some additional items. Some packs may have a unique Avatar.

Colonization packs will be sold through our marketplace.

Each purchased item is transferred to the user's wallet and can be viewed in their user account. Prizes are also transferred to this account, and some of them are revealed after some time.

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