Crypto Mayhem

Official Crypto Mayhem Whitepaper, last updated March 2024

Intro about Crypto Mayhem

Crypto Mayhem revolutionizing gaming through blockchain and AI synergy. Games interwoven with related gameplay mechanics to shape the narrative of our Metaverse. In the initial phase combines Grand Strategy with Top-Down Shooter in blockchain.

Welcome to galactic mission fueled by $ADRIA. Influence, Manage, Fight and trade $ADRIA in our Universe!

The project aims to create and develop simultaneously multiple games that are set in the same story world, whose gameplay is conducted in real time.

Despite the fact that the games contained in this universe belong to completely different game genres, with the help of blockchain technology the decisions of players inside one game have a direct impact on the world and gameplay of other games.

Main objective and Highlights

The core of the project is to create as much coexistence as possible between players of different games in the universe. I achieve the goal through a number of mechanics, economics and using blockchain technology. At the same time, each game has its own gameplay unrelated to other games.

Our project will have rich graphics, modern animations, special effects and fast-paced action, nested in the blockchain ecosystem.

Types of coexistence

  1. Gameplay

Personal commissioned mission - a mission created by one player in one of the games. Executed in the other game, paid in $ADRIA tokens after by the orderer.

a) Personnel missions commissioned from GS to TDS

  • Assigning a mission to clear the lands of hostile opponents

  • Unlocking your own buildings or ancient buildings that are tainted by the alien plague

  • Transport defense and unit movements

  • and even more...

b) Personnel missions outsourced from TDS to GS

  • NFT production: Mech, Drone, Weapon

  • Ordering NFT Upgrades: Mech, Drone, Weapon

  • Ordering the ability to extract resources in a location conquered by the player

  • and even more...

Event - an event that is created in one of the games. It requires a second game to resolve it. The effects of the event are carried out in the game in which it started.

c) TDS global events

  • alien plague

  • planet space threats

  • and even more...

d) GS global events

  • alien plague

  • economic, economic and political crises

  • climate change, space threats, lack of oxygen, water acidification

  • and even more...

  1. Economic

a) between GS and TDS games

  • raw materials and currency

  • renting NFTs

  • paying, buying, selling

  • and even more...

b) Algorithmic exchange of Biomass (for $ADRIA based on Daily Burn $ADRIA)

  1. Type of unrelated gameplay

a) GS Colony development (creating buildings, commissioning missions to Avatars, competition between players, gaining Lands)

b) TDS unique story missionsrepetitive daily missions

c) Earning $ADRIA tokens based on the algorithm

Problems and Solutions


The document presents basic knowledge about the project. According to the assumptions of the project, the gradual development of the game by the team as well as the community (DAO) will affect the entire advanced ecosystem. Due to the long-term development of the game, this document will be updated. Each future holder of $ADRIA tokens understands and acknowledges the information contained in the presented document (whitepaper).

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