Core Team

The developer of the project is Adria Games a game studio with five years of experience in game development. Company focusing on the production of PC, console and mobile games. Create the entire game.


ANDRZEJ BEREŹNICKI - CEO of Mayhem Games and Cryptocurrency Specialist. He has several years of experience in running startups, creating visions, refining strategies, and now conducting business operations of the Crypto Mayhem project. Andrzej is interested in the analysis of protocols and modern token utility solutions. Since 2018, he has been fascinated by the cryptocurrency market. His mission is to connect blockchain with games, which will contribute to increasing the mass adoption of this fascinating technology.

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PAWEŁ SPIONKOWSKI - CTO of Crypto Mayhem, CEO and Co-founder of Adria Games, and blockchain developer. For over 10 years he has been working on solutions, for other companies, that have been successfully implemented. Including top companies included in the Swedish index and Polish WIG20. Through these years Paweł got his experience, connections, and a head full of ideas. It has always been important for Paweł to build a strong crew full of team spirit and projects based on quality and, above all, to believe that the final product will be widely used.

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PRZEMYSŁAW CHABASIŃSKI - Every project needs a highly qualified Project Manager, Crypto Mayhem luckily has the perfect fit! Przemysław graduated with MBA and has strong management skills proved by winning the nationwide competition Global Management Challenge. Przeamysław also gained experience as a lead developer in various companies including the largest power-producing company in Poland, listed on Polish WIG20, and in one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies from S&P500.

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ARIAN CHYLA - One man with multiple talents, that’s how Arian can be described. Arian is a Crypto Mayhem Product Owner and extremely creative and talented Media Production Specialist. Through years of making semi-professional videos and using various post-production softwares Arian is familiar with technology and its issues. He knows how to deal with crashing apps and coworkers that need help and guidance. Arian is very warm, helpful person with excellent team management skills. Also, his passion for blockchain got him here, to Crypto Mayhem.


PAWEL SYROWY - Graduated master's in engineering from the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, during which he took part in the student exchange with the University of Jaen in Spain. His passion for travel, international internship, and working abroad for an international company prepared him for the role of Partnership Manager. His nomad lifestyle let him get to know how to build networks of connections around the world. Paweł is a naturally social person, eager to listen to people, discover new possibilities and catch opportunities. He is also passionate about new technologies, which help in the development of the Crypto Mayhem project.

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