Marketing Strategy & Competitive analysis

Crypto Mayhem plans to attract new players through various strategic approaches:

Press Releases

Crypto Mayhem benefits from a team of seasoned industry experts who have successfully launched popular games in the past. We are confident that the game's quality, combined with the innovative aspect of web3 technology, will generate global interest.

Community & Referrals

Being a community-centric game, one of our growth strategies relies on the virality created by early adopters. We incentivize engagement by offering rewards to users who introduce new players to the game.

Influencer Marketing

We will collaborate with influential figures who boast significant followings and have a strong presence in relevant communities. These influencers are recognized as key opinion leaders in their respective fields, making them valuable partners in expanding our reach.

NFT Drops

Drop campaigns will be implemented to further expand our audience base.

Competitive analysis

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