Grand Strategy

Intro about Grand Strategy

Grand Strategy in Crypto Mayhem is an expansive gameplay experience designed to provide players with a deep and multidimensional strategic experience. Gameplay focuses on building your own civilization through economic and military interactions with other players, as well as developing and managing resources and territory.

The goal of playing Grand Strategy is to:

  1. Conduct trade in provinces, including exchanging resources for ADRIA and vice versa.

  2. To expand your civilization with more NFT Land and develop existing Land.

  3. Engaging in competition with other players both economically and on the battlefield.

  4. Producing the equipment necessary to play Top-Down Shooter, as well as being able to rent NFT Mechs.

  5. Gaining control of an entire planet.

Early access allows players to have a pre-release experience in the game, with the final bidding of NFT lands before the official release of the game on a new planet. Each participant receives a base number of ADRIA tokens or a test ADRIA token on the blockchain to use in the game, along with one free land and three random workers (workers).

The Grand Strategy view is available by clicking on the corresponding option on the play page. The player encounters a visualization of a planet and moon rotating on its axis, where the planet can be controlled with the mouse. Scrolling allows you to zoom in on the view, starting with the cosmos and ending with details of the planet's surface with landmarks. Rhythmic zooms and transitions through the atmosphere lead to a HQ view and then to a fog view with a grid of landmasses.

Also, the moon as a natural satellite of the first planet is part of the gameplay and can be rotated and zoomed in. The moon's landmasses are always visible and can be covered by their owners with translucent graphics.


represent a given space on a colonized planet. Purchasable with ADRIA from Adria Corp. in the early colonization stage of the planet. They are needed to obtain resources and improve infrastructure. When combined properly with other NFT assets (Worker + item + land) they provide the ability to mine resources. When properly set up the resource output can be maximized.

  • Lands: There is a minimum amount of land on a planet designated for development. In addition to these lands, there are still areas that are not usable by players, such as water or mountains, and there are lands owned by the Adria Corporation.

  • The Fog: In Grand Strategy, the initial stage is to explore the lands of an alien planet. Three missions must be completed on the fog-covered lands: discovery, geological, engineer.

  • Missions: The essential goal of the game is to trade raw materials, expand your civilization through more NFT lands, compete with other players economically and militarily, manufacture equipment needed in another game - Top-Down Shooter, and take control of the entire planet.

Beginning Gameplay

  • Early Access: A special period before the game's release in which players can join the free-to-play game. They receive land and random workers, a base amount of raw materials, and the goal is to emerge to test the game's initial features.

  • View: At the start, the player encounters a view of a planet and moon located in space. The planet can be rotated, and using the scroller leads to a gradual zoom until the lands are shown.

  • First Land Sale: Takes place through the marketplace, where the planet's first lands are auctioned off. Players can see the areas of the planet and the moon that are different. On the moon, the lands are always visible, they are not covered in fog.

  • Beginning: The player chooses one of six default avatars (non-NFT) or purchases unique avatars. Purchase of at least one land is required for gameplay. After bidding for lands, the player gradually receives information about his position on the planet. The lands are marked by the distance from the player's warehouse.

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